Coffee Break


Getting to know me a bit better….

It’s happening….I am writing my first blog post. Despite all of the encouragement and words of wisdom, I’ve been procrastinating on this for a while. To be honest, I used to enjoy writing and even found it easier to express myself through writing, but since becoming a mother I feel like my ability to articulate myself took 10 steps back. So I’m going to start nice and easy!

10 Things you might not know about me!

1. I have degrees in Criminology and Social work

2 I am scarf obsessed. It’s actually a serious problem and I won’t tell you how many I own

3. I used to be a competitive rower - and miss it a lot!

4. I used to have FOMO, but since becoming a busy mom of two and a new entrepreneur, this is no longer an issue. Can someone clone me please!?

5. Christmas is my FAVOURITE holiday! Lights, decorations, festivities, Christmas Jammies, advent calendars and stuffing – Yes please!

6.  I will never sit directly on a public toilet seat or touch the handrail on an escalator-ew gross

7. The fact that the fast lane on Deerfoot ever comes to a complete stop will forever stump me and grind my gears!

8. My guilty pleasure reality TV show is Big Brother I’ve been hooked for almost 20 seasons

9. I started dating my husband in high school at 15 years old and we have now been together for 16 years and married for five!

10. I’m scared s*itless to make this new journey into the event industry successful, but SO eager to work hard to make it! #hustle