Getting there


What has helped me get to where I am today

1. Encouragement- From my husband, my friends and my family. I’ve talked a lot of “one day” “eventually” and “sometime down the road” when it came to starting a business, following my dreams and joining the wedding industry. Now I can thank all those beautiful people for helping me take the leap and getting to enjoy every discovery, milestone and success.


2. Asking for help- I thought being a business owner and entrepreneur meant I had to know alllll the things! Nope! You can (and should) ask for help, and turns out I am not good at website design or accounting! Oh and social media has proven itself to be a full time job! I have learned to stick to what I feel confident in, slowly learn the other stuff along the way and ask for help in the meantime. So with that being said, thank you Swell YYC and Pinnacle Accounting for saving me and cheers to ongoing growth!


3. Industry friends- Waaaay too many to name here, but holy cow is the Wedding and Event planning industry amazing! Not only is the talent endless, but the generosity and kindness is more than I could have ever imagined. The amount of growth I have made because of industry friends in invaluable. And what’s more fun than collaboration!?

“Find your ponytailposse!”-Words from Jackie Owner of Lace Brick Design


4. Business Apps- I’ve complied a few folders in my iPhone full of useful apps to make Event planning and entrepreneur life easier. These and a few software management systems come recommended from other event planners, photographers, website designers and workshop coordinators and give me more time to spend with couples instead of behind my computer screen! Take a look at my “Helpful Business Apps” post- maybe they can help you too!.